Back & Forth

The relationship between director and host can be an intense one. In Back & Forth, we reunite these couples to relive their work, revealing the challenges of filmmaking and providing an unlikely form of therapy.

Beneath the Credits

It takes a team to make a film. From entry-level researchers to executive producers, this series reveals the roles and perspectives of the people behind the camera.

Cult Cuts

We ask respected filmmakers and hosts to tell us their underrated classics in a number of different documentary genres.


VICE crew lift the lid on what they get up to when they're away making films and the camera stops rolling.


VICE staff discuss the lasting life lessons they have learnt while making films.

Friends Overseas

A look at how international VICE offices work together to get films made.

From the Brink

A selection of stories from VICE’s vault that showcase the unpredictable nature of production and the skills necessary to bring a film back from the brink.

Giving notes

In this series, director and editor sit down to rewatch their past projects together, giving insight into their decision-making processes, from pre-production through to post.

Hard Yards

VICE crew discuss the extreme and ridiculous lengths they’ve gone to in order to get a story.