10 Questions:

Eloise King

VICE’s Eloise King on what it takes to be an executive producer at VICE.

Tools of the Trade:

Charlet Duboc

Hostess With the Mostest talks Mastering the Art of Interviewing.

Show me the Money:

Raven Smith

Commissioner Raven Reveals The Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs of a Guy Who Can Make You Famous.

Hard Yards:

Rollo Jackson

Director Rollo makes Sure Nothing Was Lost in Translation filming Stormzy in Japan.

Cult Cuts:

Raven Smith Cult Cuts

Commissioner Raven’s Top Three Documentaries.

Hard Yards:

Risky Roadz

From Handycams to Redcams and back again - a guide to DIY with Risky Roadz.

Cult Cuts:

Rollo Jackson Cult Cuts

Filmmaker Rollo shares his favourite documentaries.

10 Questions:

Juan Manuel Biaiñ

VICE’s Juan Manuel Biaiñ on what it takes to be an editor at VICE.

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7 classes

Ah, the start of your journey: everything’s so new, so fresh, so exciting – but also: terrifying. We’ve asked some talented people for tips so your dreams don’t immediately go up in flames.

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Panasonic’s Kit Room, produced for VICE Film School, teaches you everything you need to know about shooting a documentary using a LUMIX GH5 camera.

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6 classes

Spoiler alert: Making documentaries is weird, hard and chaotic. But while there’s no set path that each film absolutely must take on its journey to completion, most will go through these key stages.

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If you’re gonna tell a story worth telling, you’ll need to talk to interesting people. Alas, interesting people can also be very sensitive, shy or angry. Here’s how to handle egos and build trust.

Ben Anderson After Isis

At some point in your journey as a filmmaker, you’ll start to realise what you’re good at. In this module we speak to specialists who’ve achieved things that will make you feel humble again.

Hard Yards Article Image 1

Every filmmaker hits a roadblock at some point. But why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from everyone else’s?

Vice 1 Of 1 2

Up until the last moment a documentary is never finished. Let’s join people in the heat of their productions and put all of our do’s and don'ts to test with real-time examples.

Wip Featured
6 classes

Whether building a narrative through music and dance, or using sound as the focus of a story with people, these people are pushing the conventions of documentary filmmaking.

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